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This is excerpted from a longer piece I am working on. But I think the following few paragraphs are critical and I want to offer it up to Medium Staff to ponder over.

The foundation of value in digital content is credibility. Organizations like The Economist and The New York…

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It wanted to be the Anti-Amazon

I saw the news that PayPal balked at buying Pinterest after an extremely negative reaction from its shareholders (Pinterest is expensive!). But why did PayPal want to buy Pinterest in the first place?

I think of PayPal as a credit card company. Obviously, it’s got more fintech bells and whistles…

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Low rates give the wealthy a secondary cash out option, allowing for more liquidity and bigger bubbles

(Not intended to be investment advice. Opinions are my own.)

I firmly believe that illiquid assets are much more prone to bubbles than their more liquid counterparts. …

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Is the growing trend in negative content representative of reality or just marketing?

Short post. Just wanted to a document a few thoughts and observations for later. A lot of digital content that I run into online is pretty negative these days usually revolving around the following themes:

  1. The deterioration of our country (along with its citizens).
  2. The deterioration of our ability to…

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Curated stories for your enjoyment

I’m not a huge fan of Medium’s recommendation algorithm these days. I need to really sift through a lot of junk to find good reads. So I’ve decided to start curating and recommending the pieces I’ve most enjoyed over the past few days. …

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Examining the business outlook of my worst investment

(Not intended to be investment advice. Full disclosure — I own Zillow shares and am also short a call option against those shares.)

I often find that I learn more from the losers in my portfolio than the winners. For the winners, I’m not as diligent in terms of following…

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Obsolescence comes for us all

I really enjoyed this piece by AP Carpen. It’s been making the rounds around Medium and is currently sitting at a whopping 8,300 claps so you might have already seen it.

But if you haven’t give it a read. It’s great.

We all dream of becoming indispensable to our company…

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It’s all business and politics

I’ve seen a lot of articles, posts, tweets, etc. about how unlivable and expensive America is becoming. …

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It’s been exciting times lately at Alpha Beta Blog. As we continue to the hard march from being a small publication to a medium one, every bit of momentum is appreciated.

The latest assist comes from a recent article I wrote on DoorDash. I’ve no idea why Google picked it…

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